I have been a research assistant in the Language and Brain Lab (PI: Dr. Emily Myers) at the University of Connecticut since Fall 2019, and have earned $9,500 in independent research funding across two projects. My main research interests in this lab include speech perception in typical and atypical populations and the role of musical experience in non-native speech sound learning. Currently, I am a graduate research assistant in Dr. Myers’s lab supporting an NIH-NIDCD R01 grant investigating the role of the right hemisphere in speech perception.

Looking Ahead
I plan on earning a PhD specializing in stuttering, which, coupled with clinical training as an SLP, would allow me to bridge theory and practice and conduct clinically impactful research about stuttering. At the clinical level, I am interested in improving quality of life and treatment outcomes for people who stutter, as well as exploring stigma and avoidance related to stuttering. At the translational level, I am interested in the many factors that contribute to stuttering onset, recovery, and persistence .

My previous research posters can be viewed on my Presentations page, and my CV can be viewed here.

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